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We Recycle Expanded Polystyrene

Got EPS? We’d love to take it off your hands. This is how we recycle it


As esteemed partners of StyroCycle, we offer drop-off bins at all our locations, inviting households and businesses from the surrounding communities to deposit their clean expanded polystyrene waste. This initiative allows us to recycle the material into products like insulation, contributing to the creation of thermally efficient homes.


Polyfoam is committed to fostering a circular economy and aims to play a significant role in responsible product stewardship. We collaborate closely with our customers to offer a comprehensive recycling solution for all Polyfoam products at the end of their life cycle. Reach out to us today to contribute to closing the production loop.


We are committed to the responsible collection of offcuts and leftovers from our EPS waffle pod and Polywall® products delivered to construction sites. As a participant in the EPSA Pod Stewardship scheme, we provide our construction clients with recycling bags, ensuring that building scrap is never wasted. This initiative allows us to repurpose these materials into new products, embodying our dedication to sustainability and waste reduction.


Polyfoam is equally committed to recycling all factory offcuts generated during the manufacturing of our expanded polystyrene products. By meticulously reclaiming these materials right from the factory floor, we not only minimise waste but also reinforce our green credentials. This practice underscores our dedication to environmental stewardship, ensuring that every piece of polystyrene is utilized efficiently and contributes to a more sustainable production cycle.

With Polyfoam, Nothing Is Wasted

Contact Us

Our STYROCYCLE locations


11 Brooklyn Avenue Dandenong VIC 3175
Drop-Off between 6am and 4pm Monday to Friday

New South Wales

Factory 3B, MFive Industry Park, 1 Moorebank Avenue Moorebank NSW 2170
Drop-Off between 9am and 2pm Monday to Thursday; 9am to midday on Fridays


44 Bernoulli Street Darra QLD 4076
Drop-Off between 7am and 4pm Monday to Friday


113 Cove Hill Road Bridgewater TAS 7030
Drop-Off between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday

Tasmania – North

29 Gatenby Drive Westbury TAS 7303

Items that can be recycled


White polystyrene protective packaging from small & large appliances such as TVs, dishwashers and ovens.

Vegetable Boxes

White polystyrene fruit and vegetable boxes (clean boxes only). All organic material and labels must be removed before recycling.

Construction EPS

Uncontaminated (mud and concrete free) expanded polystyrene from building and construction sites.

Beanbag Beans

White EPS polystyrene beanbag fill. Must be clean and contaminant free.

Items that can’t be recycled

  • Coloured polystyrene
  • Food packaging
  • Peanut-shaped loose foam packaging
  • Meat trays
  • Tape or strapping
  • Plastic or foam wrapping
  • Polystyrene products that have paper/plastic labels
  • Polystyrene covered in dirt, concrete or cement


How is EPS recycled?

EPS recycling involves several key steps to transform waste into reusable materials. Initially, EPS scrap and waste are collected through various means, including dedicated recycling services and initiatives like StyroCycle. After collection, the EPS must be sorted and cleaned to remove any contaminants such as cement, labels, or organic material. The clean EPS is then processed by granulating, compressing, and pelletizing the material. These pellets serve as the feedstock for manufacturing new EPS products, completing the recycling loop.

Can EPS be recycled at any stage of its life cycle?

Yes, EPS is recyclable at many stages of its life cycle, making it a sustainable choice for various applications. During the production process, manufacturing waste is fully reprocessed back into the mix for creating new EPS products. Additionally, EPS offcuts from building applications can be recovered and recycled during the construction process. Its durability and resistance to degradation allow EPS to be ideal for recovery and recycling from almost all applications.

What products are made from recycled EPS?

In Australia, recycled EPS is primarily transformed into building insulation materials, such as waffle pods, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) or extruded polystyrene boards used for under slab and perimeter slab insulation. These products are essential for energy-efficient construction, demonstrating how EPS recycling contributes to both environmental sustainability and the economy.

Why is it important to ensure EPS is clean before recycling?

For EPS to be recycled effectively, it must be free from contaminants like cement, render, labels, glue, and organic material. Contaminated EPS can complicate the recycling process and potentially reduce the quality of the recycled product. Therefore, it is crucial to sort and inspect all EPS scrap to ensure it is clean, allowing it to be successfully reprocessed into high-quality, reusable materials.