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Leading Manufacturers & Recyclers of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Custom EPS packaging and construction products that support Australian manufacturing and promote a circular economy

Made in Australia since 1986

We are 100% Australian-owned company, excelling in manufacturing high-quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging for various industries, including produce, seafood, medical, and transport. Our commitment to local production is evident in our facilities across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, and Adelaide. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class products and services, exceeding customer expectations. Integral to our ethos is a robust product stewardship program, focusing on the return, recycling, and reuse of materials, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable EPS Solutions

Polyfoam is dedicated to pioneering sustainable practices, revolutionising the recycling and manufacturing of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) through significant investment in cutting-edge recycling technologies. Our mission encompasses not only reducing environmental impact by diverting EPS waste from landfills but also transforming it into high-quality, versatile insulation products. We are committed to providing eco-friendly EPS solutions for packaging and construction, meeting the diverse needs of Australian industries while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Westbury Milestone

Our new Westbury facility, inaugurated by Premier Jeremy Rockliff, marks a significant step towards integrating EPS into a circular economy through advanced recycling technologies. This move not only expands our production but also emphasizes our commitment to minimizing EPS waste’s environmental impact by converting it into valuable building materials. Our $10 million investment in the Westbury facility underscores our dedication to economic growth and environmental sustainability in Tasmania, creating up to 15 new jobs. This facility, along with the StyroCycle program, embodies Polyfoam’s mission towards environmental stewardship in the aquaculture industry, aiming to make EPS recycling a key component of sustainable production and consumption practices.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce EPS Boxes

Lightweight & durable packaging for fresh produce, ensuring temperature control and protection during transport.




Excellent insulation properties, keeping seafood fresh and at the right temperature. Resistant to mould & bacteria


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Crucial in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors for safely transporting temperature-sensitive products like vaccines


Retail Packaging


Protective packaging, offering lightweight and cost-effective and custom molded solutions for a wide range of products.


Cold Chain Technology

Cold Chain Technology

EPS plays a vital role in cold chain technology, maintaining consistent temperatures for perishable goods during transportation and storage


Slab Construction

Slab Construction

EPS waffle pods are used in concrete slab construction, offering enhanced insulation and structural support, leading to more efficient and stable building foundations.


Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete
Forms (ICFs)

EPS forms the core of ICFs, providing excellent insulation and structural support for energy-efficient and durable building construction.


Sustainability & Recycling

Sustainability & Recycling

EPS sustainability and recycling efforts focus on reducing environmental impact through recycling programs and the development of biodegradable EPS alternatives.


What We Are Good At

Why Choose Polyfoam?

Choose Polyfoam for innovative, eco-friendly EPS solutions that guarantee exceptional quality and sustainability

Quality Assurance

We maintain the highest standards of excellence in every product, delivering unmatched quality through rigorous testing and control processes.


Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in every aspect of our operations, from eco-friendly materials to energy-efficient manufacturing practices.


Embracing the principles of a circular economy, Polyfoam focuses on reducing waste and maximising resource efficiency through innovative recycling and repurposing of EPS.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitively priced EPS solutions, providing cost-effective, high-quality products without compromising on performance or environmental responsibility.

Customer Service

Polyfoam prides itself on exceptional customer service, ensuring on-time delivery and responsive support to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Australian Made

Proudly Australian made, our products embody the spirit of local craftsmanship, supporting the Australian economy and upholding stringent national manufacturing standards.

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