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EPS Packaging for Fresh Seafood

Polyfoam’s expanded polystyrene (EPS) seafood boxes continue to set the standard in the aquaculture industry for the transportation of fresh fish. With a legacy of reliability and performance, these boxes are engineered to meet the critical demands of maintaining freshness, ensuring that your products reach their destination in peak condition.

The superior insulation properties of Polyfoam’s polystyrene boxes provide consistent temperature control critical for preserving the quality of fresh fish, reducing the risk of spoilage, a vital concern in the aquaculture sector, where the difference between premium and compromised quality can hinge on minor temperature variations.

The lightweight nature of Polyfoam’s EPS boxes translates into tangible cost savings in transportation. Reducing the overall weight of shipments allows for more efficient logistics, directly impacting your bottom line without compromising the safety and integrity of your products. This efficiency is crucial for the aquaculture industry, where the distribution network is as vast as it is complex.

Our end-of-life recycling initiative ensures polystyrene boxes are repurposed, promoting a circular economy and reinforcing our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Choose Polyfoam for reliability, sustainability, and efficiency.

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“Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the preferred packaging material for freshly caught fish destined for wholesale markets worldwide, due to its excellent insulation properties that keep fish fresh” – Smart Packaging Europe

Case Study – A Day In The Life Of A Fish Box… and beyond

This is a story of sustainability and efficiency. Explore the crucial role of expanded polystyrene (EPS) fish boxes in the below video. Fish consumption is rising, and these boxes ensure the freshness and safety of over 657,000 tonnes of fish annually. From the early morning hustle at Billingsgate Market to innovative recycling practices, see how these boxes are key to reducing waste and supporting the seafood supply chain