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Polyfoam Dandenong Trading — 22/02/2021

Polyfoam’s Dandenong office has returned to Covid normal trading and our office is open to the general public once again. As per government advice face masks must be worn whilst on the site in both our office and despatch areas. Hand sanitisation devices are available in these areas for the public to use as required.

We would like to welcome all our wonderful customers and any new equiries to our premises and of course we can resume taking your EPS recycling. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries. Thankyou for staying safe Victoria and a big thankyou to all our staff and their continued dedication to our business we truly appreciate your efforts.

Victorian Lockdown Update — 12/02/2021

In response to the Victorian Government announcement of a 5 day lockdown for the state, the Dandenong office shall be closed to public access from Monday 15/2/21 to Wednesday 17/2/21. We ask that you contact our Victorian office via phone or email should you have any enquiries or order requirements. One of our friendly office staff will be only too happy to assist with any questions, quotations or orders.

Contact us today.

EPS Foam Recycling — 12/01/2021

Is Polystyrene (EPS) Foam recyclable?

It is a question where many people simply do not know the answer and little do people know the honest truth about. Polystyrene foam, also known as EPS Foam, Airpop or even Styrofoam is 100% recyclable.

Polyfoam and its affiliates are happy to take back uncontaminated EPS foam at our sites for recycling. We are not able to accept general waste or EPS foam contaminated with food waste, labels, tape, laminates or other non EPS materials.

All our sites around Australia do accept recycling from the general public, we ask that you contact your nearest location for more information and to make a booking to bring your EPS foam for recycling. Each site does differ in operation so we do ask that you contact your nearest location for more information on their services.

EPS Cold Chain Solutions — 05/01/2021

Maintaing cold chain in transportation can be a difficult proposition and at Polyfoam we have many different solution for insulating your goods for transport both within Australia or around the world.

Below is a link to a feature provided by the EPS Industry Alliance for EPS products and cold chain supply in the fresh produce, seafood and pharmaceutical industries where maintaining cold chain is a must to reduce food waste and product loss. EPS is effective and efficient at both temperature insulation and product impact protection making it one of the best products for maintaining your cold chain from start to finish.

Cold Chain Solutions

Happy New Year — 04/01/2021

Polyfoam would like to thank all our customers and staff in 2020 it was a year of very different experiences. As we all head into 2021 and a very different normal we wish to thank our wonderful customers and dedicated staff for all their hard work and understanding in 2021 and wish all a safe and healthy 2021.

We ask each and every one of our wonderful customers to note that COVID-19 restrictions do still apply in most locations. Though regulations do differ by state we ask that if you visit one of our sites that you adhere to any state based regulations in regard to indoor settings and any signage provided at our locations in regard to masks and/or hand sanitising.

We shall keep this web site up to date with any relevant chnages at each location as they happen so please feel free to visit as often as you like or contact your local office.

Happy Holidays — 03/12/2020

From everyone in the Polyfoam team we would like to extend our warmest and best wishes to all for the upcoming holiday season. We hope that everyone involved in our business, our customers and suppliers have a happy and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

Each of our Polyfoam operations does operate during this time of year, our offices generally work on restricted hours between the Christmas and New Year period and we ask that you contact your local office to obtain their operating hours should you require them.

Once again we would like to thank everyone for their continued business and comitment to our 100% Aussie owned and operated business. Your support is truly appreciated and we hope you have a happy and safe holiday.

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart office hours:
Thursday 24 December: 8.30 am to 1.00 pm
Friday 25 December to Monday 28 December: Closed
Tuesday 29 December to Thursday 31 December: 8.30 am to 1.00 pm
Friday 1 January: Closed
Other days as normal

We Are Open for Business — 30/10/2020

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are easing in Victoria we would like everyone to know that all our offices are open for business as usual. Of course in Victoria mask wearing is still enforced and we ask that the appropriate Mask and/or PPE be worn at our facility.

When visiting any of our locations we ask that you follow any instructions provided by our staff. If you wish to place an order and know what you require we ask that you contact us via email or phone. We are happy for you to visit any or our locations should you need some help or advice on any of our products.

We would like to thank everybody for their support, patience and perseverance and staying safe during this pandemic. To our staff and valued customers we give a big thankyou without their support and hard work Polyfoam could not be the successful buisness it continues to be today.

Stay Safe, Happy and Healthy

From the Polyfoam Team.

POLYWALL Build – Beveridge Vic. — 23/09/2020

Another exciting project is well under way in Beveridge Victoria. The project being errected by Insulbrick has a stunning outlook and a beautiful design. We will follow the project through and keep you updated on its progress over the coming months.

The link below shows the basement, retaining walls and first floor construction amoungst some of the stunning views. A big thankyou to Insulbrick for supplying the footage and the owners for allowing such fantastic access to their future home.

Polywall Beveridge

COVID-19 Victorian Site Update — 05/08/2020

The Victorian Government has recently announced further updates to the COVID-19 restrictions. Polyfoam’s Dandenong Facility is part of an essential industry and we will continue to operate with all necessary precautions in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as per DHHS guidelines.

Our site has implemented contactless delivery and pickup, and where in contact with others staff wear face coverings and applicable PPE as per guidelines. We ask people visiting our site wear all appropriate PPE as required by government guidelines and legislation. We would also like to advise that the Dandenong facility is not open between 2pm and 4pm for pickup or drop-off whilst these restrictions are in place.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful staff and customers for their patience and support during these unusual times.

COVID-19 Update — 20/07/2020

The Victorian Government has announced an update to the COVID restrictions currently in place and as from Thursday 23 July 2020 it will be compulsory to wear masks or face coverings when outside or in a public place.

In response, Polyfoam is updating our policies and are implementing face shields and/or masks for all personnel in our factories and staff who have any contact with the public for the safety of both our staff and our customers. This change will be implemented by all locations as soon as adequate supplies of PPE are available.

We ask that everyone visiting a Polyfoam location adhere to local guidelines. Any person visiting the site in Dandenong Victoria, in line with Government rulings from Thursday 23 July 2020, must wear a mask or face covering upon entering our site and follow any guidelines provided by staff.

We thank everyone for their understanding and following the guidance provided at our sites to keep everyone as safe as possible.