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Airpop or Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a 100% recyclable material and Polyfoam businesses recycle for our customers, regulations differ in each location in regard to the recycling of products and we are unable to take recycling from the general public or businesses which are not customers of Polyfoam. We encourage all businesses and individuals to recycle their EPS waste and not just deliver this to landfill, more information on the recycling efforts near you can be found at www.epsa.org.au or by contacting the Polyfoam office nearest you.


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Do you sell to the public?

Though we are a wholesale manufacturer, we do sell many items to the general public, though minimum quantites do apply to our products depending on how they are packaged.

How long will a polystyrene box keep my item cool/warm for?

This is not something that can be easily answered as there are a lot of different factors such as environment, material, internal and external temperature factors, etc. to consider. Polystyrene is an excelent insulator and one of the cheapest options available to insulate your valuable cargo.

Can you cut polystyrene to my requirement?

In most cases yes we can, if you can provide us a drawing, sketch and/or sizing we can provide you with a guide or even costs to cut your requirement.

How do I get a price for a product?

As there are a lot of different products and volume scenarios we cannot currently provide pricing on this web site but ask that you contact your local office by phone or email with the product detail you need and we will be happy to provide you with more detail.