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With a large array of products, materials and possibilities, Polyfoam can provide all manner of products in Expanded Polystyrene (Airpop), Polypropylene and Polyethylene foams. We also have state-of-the-art facilities for injection moulding of solid plastics. Contact us today for more information on what Polyfoam can provide for you.

Cut To Size Sheets and Profiles

Polyfoam can produce a range of cut-to-size sheets and cut 2-dimensional shapes from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material. We advise contacting us with your requirements and any drawings so we can advise how to achieve your desired result.

Packaging Products

Sending precious cargo or temperature sensitive items across the state or around the world, we are likely to have a solution to suit you. From fruit and vegetables to high-end sensitive electrical equipment, Polyfoam can ensure your products are packaged in an efficient and cost-effective solution. Contact us today for more information and advice.

Custom Moulding

Polyfoam can custom-design and mould items from foams or solid plastics. We can work from your existing design and build tooling to your product specification. Need help with design? Let us do the work for you. Our friendly team can assist with all facets of design and production for your project.

Building Products

From lightweight cladding to insulated concrete formwork, if it is made from Polystyrene foam and is used in the building and construction industry, Polyfoam can help with your requirement.

Insulated Boxes

Polyfoam has the largest range of Polystyrene boxes in Australia and is the leading producer of EPS boxes and containers nationally. If you need insulated boxes for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Retail or Medical use to ship temperature-sensitive products across town or precious cargo around the world, there is no doubt that we have a solution to work for you.