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COVID-19 Update

The Victorian Government has announced an update to the COVID restrictions currently in place and as from Thursday 23 July 2020 it will be compulsory to wear masks or face coverings when outside or in a public place.

In response, Polyfoam is updating our policies and are implementing face shields and/or masks for all personnel in our factories and staff who have any contact with the public for the safety of both our staff and our customers. This change will be implemented by all locations as soon as adequate supplies of PPE are available.

We ask that everyone visiting a Polyfoam location adhere to local guidelines. Any person visiting the site in Dandenong Victoria, in line with Government rulings from Thursday 23 July 2020, must wear a mask or face covering upon entering our site and follow any guidelines provided by staff.

We thank everyone for their understanding and following the guidance provided at our sites to keep everyone as safe as possible.