polyfoam® Rolls

polyfoam® Rolls have many uses, from packaging to carpet underlay.  Standard thicknesses are from 0.8mm to 5mm.  The standard width is 1.2m and the rolls are available in lengths from 100m to 600m.

Over-packaging your products can be just as costly as under-packaging them. It is for this reason that Polyfoam is now offering a cost effective packaging solution for price sensitive applications.

polyfoam® rolls are entirely manufactured in Australia, at our plant in Dandenong Victoria, and Polyfoam Australia is a 100% Australian owned family business.

Our new range of polyfoam® rolls look and feel like the premium products manufactured by Polyfoam Australia over the past 20 years, but are less than half the weight. Suitable for all types of wrapping solutions, this new range makes packaging your products more affordable than ever.

Have a heavy duty application in mind? No worries! polyfoam® is up to the challenge, with a high tear strength, this premium grade product is there for when nothing but the best will do. Click here to see more..




0.8 mm

600 m 1200 mm

1.0 mm

100 m
300 m

2.0 mm

100 m
200 m

3.0 mm

100 m

4.0 mm

100 m

5.0 mm

100 m