Product Printing

Polyfoam Australia is now able to provide you with a full product printing service. Through the use of ink jet technology, Polyfoam can print along the side of your EPS products with high quality graphics and text.

The process is adaptable to our manufacturing processes and can be performed directly after the product has been produced, saving on cost and the need for the product to be air dried.

Printing produces a single colour, and as the photographs show, is capable of a high quality image. The process will provide greater exposure for your business and your product; saving the cost of expensive and inefficient coloured tapes, labels, and printed cartons.

The entire printing process will ultimately save you money on your packaging and achieve a package which has a broad marketing appeal.

Recycling becomes an added advantage, as this process can be performed easily without having to remove labels.

For more information please contact your nearest Polyfoam office.