EPS Pallets

Polyfoam’s new light weight expanded polystyrene (EPS) pallet solves the storage and transport problems of many industries. Engineered for maximum strength and the lightest of weights, the EPS pallet can be manipulated by any employee and used with any standard forklift device.

Water resistant as well as recyclable and CFC free, it is deal for hygiene sensitive applications. The EPS pallet has a flat top design, which is useful for many applications of storage and movement of goods.

-       Lightweight and user friendly

-       Load Capacity: 500kg evenly distributed

-       No connecting parts (such as bolts, nuts or nails)

-       Convenient 2-way forklift access

-       Super lightweight and ideal for keeping the cost of exports down

-       Can be used in open racking systems

-       Unaffected by moisture

-       Perfect for applications that are hygiene sensitive

-       Non porous

-       Temperature rating: -40ºC to +50 Cº

-       Ideal for in-store usage, no scuffing or shop floor marking

-       Featuring a flat top design for easy cleaning and sterilisation which is ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries