Polyfoam featured in July edition of TruckForce

Tue, Jul 24th, 2012

Family owned and operated Polyfoam was established in Melbourne in 1986 to manufacture expanded polystyrene packaging for produce and specialty products.

Over the years, Polyfoam has diversified into a number of different product areas and expanded its product range. The company now services a broad number of industries including agriculture & aquaculture, general packaging, industrial & automotive, building & construction, science & medical, retail & leisure and custom moulding. Today the company has offices in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

Polyfoam is one of the largest converters of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in Australia, with expertise in expanded polypropylene (EPP), as well as vacuum and injection moulding of plastic. The company also manufactures a large range of extruded foamed polyethylene (PE) rolls and sheets.

Produce packaging for vegetables and seafood is still the largest part of Polyfoam's business. The key advantage of polystyrene for produce packaging is the fact that it is lightweight and doesn't bruise or damage the contents. It also offers outstanding thermal efficiency, negating the need for a refrigerated truck when transporting product from the supplier to the supermarket, offering significant cost savings for the operator.

The beauty of the polystyrene product is that it is completely recyclable and Polyfoam strives to lead the industry in social and environmental responsibility.  Polyfoam is committed to providing resources for recycling EPS and maintaining systems that do not adversely affect the quality of the environment.

"We actually recycle 120% of what we make which includes additional product that we obtain from other companies," said Polyfoam's Victorian State Manager, Nick Tandy. "Used packages are recycled for use as pods or bricks in building construction so from an environmental perspective it is a very friendly material," he went onto say.

Polyfoam already had a number of MAN prime movers on its fleet for use on country runs and it was the excellent efficiency and reliability of those trucks that prompted Polyfoam management to look at another MAN to complement its range of rigid trucks that are used primarily on metropolitan runs.

In addition to the truck fleet, Polyfoam owner Bruce Pickett also operates an MAN in the form of a motor home.

"We needed a rigid that could also tow a trailer, so the MAN TGL 12.250 fitted the bill perfectly," said Nick. The MAN was purchased from Patterson Cheney Dandenong and Nick reports that the pre and post purchase experience was excellent.

The truck was delivered in March this year and has already proven a good performer.

"One of its best attributes to date has been the way it holds its speed across a variety of road conditions making it an easy truck to drive – the cab comfort also comes in for high praise," Nick added.

Whilst drivers were initially skeptical of MAN's 12 speed tipmatic transmission it has now garnered favour with all who drive it. "Drivers now love the auto transmission - they find it less stressful, especially in the stop start traffic they encounter," Nick went on to say.

Nick plans to take the truck back to Patterson Cheney for servicing. "We're very strict on servicing vehicles according to the log book and we have a very strong view that a well maintained vehicle is going to be less costly in the long run," said Nick.


You can find a copy of the original article from Truck Force (The newsletter of Melbourne Isuzu dealers & Patterson Cheney / Westar Truck Centres on our Downloads page.