Extruded Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is outstanding for use as a packaging material.  Its shock absorption, elasticity and thermal insulating properties combined with chemical resistance and antistatic qualities make it an ideal product.  Additionally, it features high-level acoustic dampening and anti-vibration qualities.

Standard Polyethylene is white, however it can be coloured at your request.  Laminating techniques can be used to supply various decorative and functional materials to its surface.  It boasts a smooth and elegant finish that is pleasant to handle, and will not cling, peel, pill, pop or crack.  This enhances its suitability as both a lining and a finishing material.

Polyethylene features some outstanding properties.  It is durable and dynamically stable with a high tear strength and chemical resistance.  It is suitable for repeated and continual use under a wide range of conditions.

Essentially, Polyethylene is 98% air, in the form of bubbles that have been thermo-chemically welded.  Each bubble is fully sealed, attaining a highly buoyant, lightweight and waterproof product.  These individual air cells also make this product excellent for preserving cold and hot energy.

Polyethylene is manufactured in a variety of forms: 

Polyfoam Polyethylene Roll

PE Rolls have thousands of uses, from packaging to carpet underlay.  Standard thicknesses are from 0.5mm to 5mm.  Widths available are 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m and the rolls are available in lengths of 100m, 300m and 500m.

For further information on these, or other customised applications, please contact Polyfoam.