Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Expanded Polypropylene shares many of the same properties as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).  It is a closed cell foam, which is flexible and lightweight.  An environmentally-friendly product, it can be recycled easily, and is non-toxic.

Although moulded in the same fashion as EPS, EPP is unique in that it is a remarkably durable and resilient material.  There is no comparison however, when it comes to structural strength.  Expanded Polypropylene was originally designed for use in the automotive industry.  Its energy absorbent properties allow it to be hit over and over again without denting or breaking.  As a result, it is commonly specified for use in motor vehicles for components such as bumper bars, side impact protection, seating structures and many more.

Additionally, it is an ideal material for hobbyist applications, for example radio-controlled air craft.   Due to its water resistance and buoyancy, EPP is often used in marine applications. It has a wide temperature tolerance, and high resistance to common chemicals, such as petrol and acetone. Like EPS, the uses for EPP are almost limitless.

Click here to download a PDF which outlines the basic guidelines for design usage when working with EPP.

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