Our Environmental Edge

EPSAThe Polyfoam Group is dedicated to the continual improvement of its methods and practices to reduce its impact on the environment, as well as providing a service by which clean foam products can be recycled.   Polyfoam companies are members of EPSA (Expanded Polystyrene Australia).

Expanded Polystyrene products consist of approximately 98% air, and only 2% polystyrene.  This explains why Expanded Polystyrene is so lightweight.  These products are made from styrene, which is a by-product of crude oil extraction.

The manufacturing process requires the use of pentane gas.  This gas has no effect on the ozone layer, and is not considered to be hazardous to our health, making our boxes ideal for storing food.  Steam is then used, which causes the pentane within the tiny styrene bead to expand and allows the expanded beads to be moulded into the required shapes.  Water used in this process is filtered and reused many times.

Polystyrene products do not contain CFCs, and therefore have no effect on the ozone layer.  There are no harmful by-products created in this process.

For recycling purposes, Expanded Polystyrene is categorised as clean or contaminated.  Clean means dry and free of any dirt, tape or labels.  Contaminated is anything else, including packaging with stickiness, food particles or concrete.

Expanded Polystyrene packaging is 100% recyclable, though at this time, Polyfoam is only able to recycle the clean variety.

Clean, used Expanded Polystyrene packaging can be brought to most Polyfoam sites for recycling.  However, this service is only available to current Polyfoam customers and strictly only by prior arrangement. Please contact your nearest office for more details.